• Low and high plains (rolling green hills of varying heights) with spread out mountainous regions here and there.
  • Divided East to West by the river Trill and North to South by the river Limerick
  • There are a number of sizable lakes along Elerland’s rivers
  • Extremely fertile soil

Climate: Mostly cool to warm, Sometimes stormy

Genesis: Warm (50-65 Degrees)

  • 15% Thunderstorm, 30% Rain

Ascension: Warmest (60-75 Degrees)

  • 35% Thunderstorm, 10% Rain

Descent: Colder (50-60 Degrees) 30% Thunderstorm

  • 20% Thunderstorm, 10% Rain

Exodus: Coldest (-10-50 Degrees)

  • 30% Snowfall, 5% Rain

Plant life

  • Plentiful, though not overwhelming
  • Elderland is densely wooded in certain areas


  • Most trees outside of Elderland are within a mile in terms of trunk circumference. Some trees are half the size of that in Elderland, but only in the dense forests that have not been treaded on by man.

Animal Life

Spirit Creatures

  • Landvættir and Rå:* These are the spirits of nature. They are often referred to as guardian spirits, protecting specific places. Examples include Bergsrå (mountain spirits), Huldra (forest spirits), Havsrå and Sjövættir (sea spirits), and Sjörå (freshwater spirits).

Other Creatures


Natural resources:

  • Bogs: Pitch for fire fuel (Domestic heating and warfare)
  • Minerals: Iron, Gold, Silver, Tin, Platinum, Diamond, Steel, Coal, Arcanite
  • Forestry: Wood, Tea
  • Agriculture: Grain, Vegetables
  • Plants: Medicine

    Mount animals:

Akin(Flying buffalo)


Roc Hippogriff Wolf

Dog (Black Lab)

  • Pasture:
Water Buffalo

Tweep (2 legged sheep)

  • Lakes & Rivers: Fish

Natural disasters

  • Hailstorms (Rare)
  • Thunderstorm (Not uncommon)
  • Flooding (Not uncommon annually)

Major Geographical Bodies

  • Limerick-River N to S
  • Trill-River E to W
  • Forests: Mythwood (Others??)


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